Our Vision

Becoming better when it comes to:

  • The earth
  • Food
  • People
  • Business
  • Our neighborhood

Our Values


We strive to be bare in everything we do. Clear communication and integrity allow us to be honest and transparent.


At BARE Bowls we understand the importance of finding balance in every aspect, from our business practices to our everyday lifestyles and work habits.


We have a love for the earth and everything that it provides for us. That’s why we seek to make decisions that will benefit the earth and allow us to be sustainable.


We strive to serve the absolute best products by focusing on consistency and crafting every single product from the highest quality ingredients.


A core part of BARE Bowls is building healthy relationships with our employees, guests, suppliers, and community.


As a company we are constantly seeking growth and increased profits. The more we grow, the more people can enjoy our acai-umm products.


We love to be happy. At BARE Bowls we believe it’s important to have a positive outlook and work as a team that encourages and lifts one another up.